FALL 2021!

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Mangold Ranch Versatility

Located in the heart of WNY, 

 Mangold Ranch specializes in 

 Natural Horsemanship Training! Our ranch is dedicated to training horses and riders of all disciplines. The Mangold's offer a one of a kind lesson program where the rider learns the fundamentals of horsemanship and gains experience working horses from the Ground_UP.  Learning to work with horses from the ground up, is training focused on a foundation of skills on the ground before we start working in the saddle.  Key components taught are; how a horse's mind works, how to stay safe while working with horses, and how to be a fair but a firm leader. Learning to be a good horseman takes extensive time and practice. We are committed to developing these skills. Down on the ranch we also breed, raise, and train horses for ranch versatility work, trail riding, reining, and a variety of other skills. Our favorite activity to do on the ranch is trail ride, we have some of the best trained trail horses in WNY and we're always training new ones! Our ranch is family owned and operated, we would love to share our knowledge with you!

December News

Christmas at the Mangold Ranch

Pictures with Santa, his horses & donkey!

October NEWS  2021


Your Invited!

Join us for a new program designed for children and adults 

to practice quality horsemanship and learn how to:

train horses, trail ride, understand a horses body language, practice correct groundwork, ride all different types of horses, learn farrier work, help with the vetting of horses, and much more.

This program is wonderful in many ways from gaining more self confidence, leadership & to even enjoy the presence of being around a herd of 50+ horses. 

This program is designed so our Mangold Ranch students learn all about horses and how to care for and train them. "The outside of a horse, is good for the inside of a man" -Winston Churchill

Learn from the Generations of Great horsemanship

“Down on the Mangold Ranch”

EVERY SATURDAY Indoors or Outdoors for Kids!!

EVERY Tuesday Indoors or Outdoors for Adults (times varying)

Saturday's Beginner students will join our afternoon multiple hour program!

Saturday's Intermediate-Advanced Students will join our

morning multiple hour program!

This horsemanship program is designed to give students more hours of practice and to become a working part of our horse ranch. There is endless learning “Down on the Mangold Ranch”.

Saturday Horsemanship Program

Beginner $300 monthly

Intermediate-Advanced $300 monthly

Other Packages below:

Private Hourly Lessons are available every Tuesday & some Saturday’s.

1x weekly private lessons cost $200 monthly 

Horse Leasing opportunities available, $500-$800 monthly depending on the horse and 

lesson package included.

A Program designed just for you "Have it your way Horsemanship" 

A therapeutic based program for all kinds of healing!

 Heal your self-esteem, confidence, strength, become a better leader and teammate, heal your PTSD, and the list goes on, everyone can learn and heal from horses. 

As "Winston Churchill" would say, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"

$400-$800 monthly packages! Visit our website for more info:

Our Fall is KICKING OFF now! CALL or TEXT 716-201-6229 to Schedule! 

Horsemanship Weekly Prorgram


Per Month

Every Tuesday (Times Varying) for Adults

 and Saturday for kids!

Saturday Beginner's 

Saturday Intermediate - Advanced 

(New Fall Lesson times

Call to schedule)


Horsemanship Weekly 

Hourly Lesson Package 


Per Month

1 Hourly Lesson per week

Beginner's - Advanced

Tuesday & Saturday Lesson Days

Fall Lessons

Call to schedule!


"Have it Your Way Horsemanship"



Per Month

1 0r 2 Sessions Weekly

1 Hour Sessions, 1x Weekly 

$400 Mo.

1 Hour Sessions, 2 x Weekly

$800 Mo.

Lease or Board of a horse of your very own.

"Horses are the sunshine to our soul"


Have you heard of "Have it Your Way Horsemanship"

A unique program designed, just for  y o u... 

with  H o r s e s!

Megan Lynn Mangold, Owner & Trainer