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R A N C H     N E W S

June 2020

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Join our Natural Horsemanship Training program! We are now back up in running the month of June! 

Lessons, Leasing, Training, & Boarding, is now active again "Down on the Ranch"

of course with social distancing!

Trail Horse Deluxe Training  is happening now!  Call or Text us today @ 716-201-6229

*Mangold Ranch, wants to help during these tough times! We will take donated horses into our training program to help them find forever loving homes. 

With the proper training it gives some horses a second chance at finding happiness!

*Call us today if your in need of finding your horse a home and we will do the rest!  Stay safe and healthy during this outbreak of COVID 19!   We will help any way we can, Thank you!

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Located in the heart of  WNY,   Mangold Ranch specializes  in   Natural   Horsemanship  Training!  Our ranch  is  dedicated  to  training  horses  and  riders  of  all  disciplines.  The  Mangold's  offer  a  one  of  a  kind  lesson  program  where  the  rider  learns  the  fundamentals  of  horsemanship  and  gains  experience working  horses  from  the  Ground_UP.    Key  components  taught  are;  how  a  horse's  mind  works,  how  to  stay safe  while  working  with  horses,  and  how  to  be  a  fair  but  a  firm  leader.  Learning  to  be  a  good horseman  takes  extensive  time  and  practice.  We  are committed  to  developing  these  skills.    Down  on  the ranch  we  also  breed,  raise,  and  train  horses  for   ranch  versatility  work,  trail   riding,   reining,   and  a  variety  of  other  skills.  Our  favorite  activity  to  do  on  the  ranch  is  trail   ride,  we  have  some  of  the  best  trained  trail   horses  in  WNY  and  we're  always  training  new  ones!  Our  ranch  is  family  owned  and  operated,   we  would  love  to  share our knowledge with you!

  S p e c i a l i z ing  in:

A L L   G A I T E D    B R E E D S 

~Megan  is  a  senior  trainer  of  internationally  known  gaited  horse  trainer,  Gary Lane.

M o u n t e d   P a t r o l   H o r s e  T r a i n i n g   

T r a i l   H o r s e   D e l u x e   T r a i n i n g

Co r r e c t i o n   o f   UN-RULY   H o r s e s

A L L   H O R S E   B R E E D S   W E L C O M E