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To enter our Signature Mangold Ranch Beginner Clinic:

Saturday, May 2nd & 3rd 2020

Beginner Clinic: Learn the fundamentals of horsemanship and how to read your horse properly. If you have an unsafe relationship with your horse, don't wait until its to late to build a stronger relationship! 716-201-6229 We book up fast!  

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To enter our Signature Mangold Ranch Intermediate-Advanced Rider Clinic:

August, 22nd and 23rd 2020

Outdoor Clinic designed to help riders develop the skills to trot, canter and gallop in the open, gaining confidence for yourself and to work on enhancing the relationship with your horse anywhere you ride!

"We Ride Horses"

Gaited Horses welcome!! Give us a call today 716-201-6229



We work with horses and riders of all disciplines focusing on building a better relationship from the Ground_UP! Learn to understand your horse and gain the missing pieces to a more successful relationship!

Megan Mangold travels across the country putting on clinic's, don't miss your chance this 2020! 

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... Horse & Rider Evaluation ...


: lunging for respect drills

: to ride without the reins

: to use your legs & seat properly (Seat adjustment)

‚Äč: how to properly saddle fit your horse

: about your horses back health and nutrition

: safety skills that will come in handy in the toughest situations

: how to get your horse relaxed and focused

: proper ground work drills that teach you how to read your horses body language

: trail riding essentials

: walk, trot, canter work

: ((Specail gaited horse clinic's as well))

Learn to grow your confidence and horsemanship education, set up a clinic today!

From the ground_UP @ Mangold Ranch Versatility 716-201-6229

Every Clinic is dedicated to the needs of the horse and riders specifically! Clinics are never the same, we educate on whats most important or needed due to the relationship of the horses and riders were working with! If you are looking to gain great knowledge while having some fun in the saddle, give the ranch a call today. Join one of our clinic's or have your very own!


WNY EquiFest 2018   

Michigan Mounted Patrol Unit 2018

Otter Creek Clinic and Private Lessons 2019

Otter Creek Trail Horse Education Clinic, 2019

Bonds Lake Ranch Trail Ride Training, 2019

Mangold Ranch Versatility Clinic, 2019

Natural Horsemanship Training Clinics:

Learn the fundamentals of ground work, understand your horses body language, enhance your performance in the saddle. "From the Rail to the Trail"

We bring safety in the saddle to the next level by focusing on a few drills that teach riders how to re-gain control of their horse during the tough times! This clinic is One of a Kind, grow your confidence and education through a clinic that will focus on the relationship between you and your horse! 

Mangold Ranch offers:

Private & Semi Private Clinics

Price average is around $450 (per horse & rider) depending on the number of people

If your looking to further your education with your friends, Call us today!

Group Clinic's

8 - 10 riders, price average is around $350 per (horse & rider)

Clinic Topic's:

1. Natural Horsemanship "From the Ground Up"

Ground work, Saddle fit, proper bitting, gaining respect & trust, proper seat,

proper hands, trail horse safety.

2. Specialty Gaited Horsemanship Clinic -

Understand the footfall of the gaited horse, identify the fundamentals of a true gait, learn about proper back health, saddle fit, proper bitting, riding the gait, enhance your seat and hands, trail horse safety. (Megan is a Gary Lane Senior Trainer)

Our clinic's are adaptable to the needs of our clients:

Please call us to book your 2 day clinic now as our 2018 season will book up fast!

Specialty Clinic's Available:

Mounted Patrol Professional Horsemanship Clinic

If your unit is in need of education,

Megan trains mounted patrol units all over the country.

Don't hesitiate to call.


 Clinic's book up fast, please call us directly at 716. 201. 6229 to reserve your clinic dates!

We take pride in teaching a good foundation of skills to the horse and rider's of all disciplines.

Megan, looks forward to working with y o u.