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L i f e' s   too  short  and   h a p p i n e s s   is  too  rare.

When I first met Megan 3 1/2 years ago I was seriously considering selling my overzealous thoroughbred to purchase a "quiet" trail horse. Andiamo was easily spooked, quick to spin and generally anxious most of the time. I made the decision to no longer trail ride him after he took off across a major highway with me left behind on the ground.

 Megan agreed to take him for training, knowing that it might take a little longer than usual to retrain his mind, considering his breed and advanced age.

 My confidence also had to be regained and after much determination and a strong commitment to her training techniques I now have back the Andi I originally fell in love with!

 I am back to trail riding, both with friends and by myself. Andi is relaxed and calm and loves to lead the way. He is no longer quick to react, especially since I have learned to remain calm and confident.

Megan has been a blessing in both my personal and horse life. She continues to offer me the support and encouragement to get the most out of my horse. I am forever grateful.  

-Chris DeLuca 2016

"In October 2013, I bought a 6 year old Quarter horse mare (“Dixie”) at an auction. I had previously owned a horse, but, being a more mature rider, I was a bit hesitant about riding a younger horse – especially one whose background was not known to me. I looked around WNY for a western trainer and stumbled upon the Mangold Ranch online. I made arrangements to go out and see the ranch, and after meeting Megan, I brought Dixie to Mangold Ranch in July of 2014 for 60 days training.

Dixie did very well under Megan’s guidance and I was quite happy, not only with the way her training was progressing, but with the weekly lessons that came with the training package. I had only taken formal riding lessons for a short time, many years ago, and never considering myself to be “great” rider. Megan has such positive energy, is always upbeat, and is constantly encouraging me to do better – she really and truly helped me regain my confidence in the saddle. And watching her work with Dixie was very rewarding – Dixie really blossomed and has proved to be a solid, steady partner – one who I can trust and who also trusts me. Her natural horsemanship techniques are the key to her training success – horses instinctively react to her positive guidance and seem to learn quickly.

It is now August of 2016 and, although Dixie is no longer in formal training, I’m proud to say that Megan is still my riding instructor. She is always available if I have a question or concern – and is willing to travel to my barn for lessons. If you have a horse that is “unruly” or, if you’re simply unsure of your horse - like I was – and just need a confidence boost to help you in the saddle, I highly recommend you bring your horse to Mangold Ranch and let Megan and her family bring out the best in both of you!

Thank you, Megan!!!"

- Cheryl Palmer 2016

"I was experiencing a ‘stuck’ place in my relationship with my 7 yr old Haflinger gelding. I could not seem to break through in getting past the training plateau we were at, and his sour, stubborn, and pushy attitude had begun to really creep in. I had experienced some take-off and bucking episodes with him on trails over several years; one incident most recently left some residual fear in me as an avid trail rider. The Mangold family, particularly Steven and Megan, took my horse Tivalo and literally transformed him from a smart but somewhat lazy, arena sour, and difficult to canter safely on trails, to a smarter, willing, happier, relaxed guy that I can now canter freely on trails with a simple short shank snaffle and no tie-down, as well as trotting and cantering willingly in arena. Their training mentality-- starting over from ground into saddle was exactly what my horse and I needed for the transformation. The Mangold's worked with me as well, being very patient listening to my experiences and fears, and helping me to overcome with my horse. I really feel like it was the miracle breakthrough I needed to give me confidence to move forward with a horse I love. THANK YOU guys!!! Megan, you are an amazing interface for your business—always positive, cheerful, and encouraging! Steven, you knew what it took to help Tivalo, and I thank you for so confidently riding and working so patiently with Tivalo as if he were your own."

- Stephanie Sylvester

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"I brought my 6 year old gelding Koda to Mangold training on June 1st, 2013. I was ready to have to sell him...but saw the ad on Craigslist for the ranch horse training program and figured I would see if they could help. Koda was very disrespectful and rather aggressive by trying to bite or kick whenever I did anything with him. After 2 weeks of being at the ranch I went up for a visit and ride. I saw a VERY significant change...my gelding had the demeanor of a puppy. Very quiet and kind. I went back up a week later and had Megan show me how to continue the respect program. Again I could not get over the change. I brought Koda home on June 30th...and it is like I have a new horse. Instead of being high headed and pinning his ears at me he looks at me with kindness and affection. On July 14th he went to his first trail-trial and aced every obstacle. I had so many compliments on his behavior. Thank you Megan and family for making my horse Koda a total gentleman."


Donna Mickelsen 

-Donna Mickelsen 

"I met my so called soul mate at Mangold Ranch in April of 2013, a gorgeous dappled grey mare who immediately stole my heart. "Chloe" was delivered to me 3 days later.

The entire Mangold family was very helpful and professional throughout the entire sale and delivery process. They went above and beyond what I had ever expected in the experience of purchasing a horse. As a first time owner I often had a lot of questions. The Mangold family was always very welcoming and helpful with any questions I had. From the very first time meeting the Mangold family I felt very welcomed into their facility., I never felt like a customer. The openness and support I have received from the Mangolds has led me to where I am today.!

As a rider, where do you go and what do you do to rebuild your confidence once it has been shaken? As anyone else would do I asked numerous people for advice and began to take lessons. After much trial (and a lot of error, I couldn't seem to find a trainer that I was comfortable working with. (Let alone walk away from the lesson feeling better than when I had begun.) That all changed the day I wandered back to where Chloe and I first met! I was wandering around the Mangold Ranch website when I realized that Megan gives lessons. I have now been taking lessons with Megan (on her wonderful horses) for almost 2 months. Lessons used to be stressful to me however, once I began working with Megan, I began to look forward to my Monday night "rendezvous"!

Megan is very patient and she takes the time to get to know you as a rider. She wants to know your goals, what types of activities you want to do with your horse and where you feel you need to improve. Megan gives feedback immediately, she is always open to questions as well as incorporating things you want to work on into a lesson. Megan will make you work outside of your comfort zone but, in my experience not until she feels you are ready. Looking back on lessons in the past I remember thinking to myself "is this over yet". When working with Megan I can't wait to get there to begin but always hate to leave. I consider myself a beginner rider and I have learned so much by working with Megan. The patience, kindness, warm, safe, welcoming environment at Mangold Ranch would be a wonderful place for anyone (from child to adult) to begin a new adventure, or brush up on some lost skills. I would highly recommend Megan to anyone looking for somewhere new to take lessons. Every time I leave I feel better than I did the week before."

I will gladly give personal references and can be contacted at [email protected]

Thank you so much,


-Christina G.

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